Pendaftaran Ahli NIETEC

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Current Employment


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Membership Of Other Proffessional Assoc/ Non-Govt.Org./Reg.Body (Lam, Bem Etc.)




Introducer (Ordinary Member or Fellow of NIETEC)

  • I hereby apply for the admission to the Register of membership of the National Industrial Experts and Technologists Council (NIETEC) on the membership level as deemed by the Council. I declare that all particulars and information supplied in connection with this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. If any of the said information found to be false, I agree that NIETEC reserves the right to reject, expel and or removed my name from the membership list. I hereby authorize NIETEC to make reference checks and to use the information in this application for NIETEC purposes as may be necessary in furtherance to the objectives of NIETEC.